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Modular Salon Wall Systems

Display Walls

Our display walls are the perfect solution to tempt your customers with goodies. They are available in a wide variety of colors to match or accent your salon. We offer 2 standard configurations: the Wall-Mount (one-sided) model and the Stand-Alone (two-sided) model. Each unit's end-cap panels can be colored with our standard vinyls to mix or match with any of our walls, while the slat panels come in 7 colors to accent any color scheme.

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Slat Wall Accessories
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V-Tex Color Matching

TanWall Aids Customer to the SpotLight. A TanWall customer, Rio Tan, makes it into the Island Sun Times Salon SpotLight after enlisting our help to open their second location.
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Modular wall leasing can be more effective than financing especially with low fixed monthly lease payments.
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