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Modular Salon Wall Systems

TanWall's Package Pricing

Room Sizes 8' x 8' 8' x 10' 10' x 10'
2 Walls $1,036.02 $1,124.32 $1,212.62
3 Walls $1,389.22 $1,565.82 $1,654.12
4 Walls $1,742.42 $1,919.02 $2,095.62

* Does not include sales tax, shipping, and installation.

* 2 inch TanWalls with 2-panel Antique White Doors; Silver Framing, Choice of any TanWall Color.

Wall Configurations

4-Wall Configuration

3-Wall Configuration

2-Wall Configuration
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V-Tex Color Matching

Case Study


"I chose [TanWall’s Moduar Wall System] because they look amazing, pave the way for possible franchise opportunities and save money... Overall, TanWalls are one of the smartest investments you can make when building a salon!"
-Michael Loomis

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Freq. Asked Questions

Q: Maximum privacy is a must! Is this provided?
A: TanWalls are secured to both your existing hard construction walls and to your floor. This ensures there are not any gaps so your Tanners have maximum privacy.
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