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Modular Salon Wall Systems

Benefits of Using TanWall

  • Peace of mind knowing our modular walls are solid, not flimsy. The same walls we use for our TanWalls can be used for 2 story buildings!
  • Walls attach to existing floors for maximum privacy and structural integrity. You don't have to worry about peepers or cell phone cameras and your tanners can feel safe and secure.
  • Modular Construction is our business, not an add-on, and we have been doing it for 30 years! We are backed by Allied Modular Building Systems, a well-established company in the industry; we know modular construction!
  • Our framing is anodized aluminum, not plastic, which makes for the strongest wall support.
  • We have UL Listed raceways for your electrical needs (sconce lighting, bed hookup, outlets) to meet building code requirements.
  • TanWalls have an inner core for superior insulation and sound proofing.
  • Our walls can meet any code requirements.
  • We offer easy leasing programs for your convenience.
  • Our walls feature a rapid assembly. You can put them up within hours!
  • TanWalls are flexible. They can be reconfigured and reused wherever you have need for them.
  • TanWalls are 100% reusable. Take them with you if you move your business.
  • Modular walls feature great tax savings and accelerated depreciation schedules.
  • All wall systems are pre-finished. All you have to do is install them and they are ready to go!
  • Our walls are manufactured in California and Tennessee; we cover shipping from coast to coast, saving you on time and shipping costs.
  • We offer fantastic warranties on our walls!
  • We design walls to meet the needs of your business. Any size. Any dimension. We got you covered!
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Case Study


"I have personally built out 15 salons as an owner or manager. My newest location was a challenge. I needed a fast turnaround to be open in time for season. Our walls were delivered as promised and we were able to fully assemble 12 rooms in 3 days. It is the nicest salon in our chain."
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Freq. Asked Questions

Q: Maximum privacy is a must! Is this provided?
A: TanWalls are secured to both your existing hard construction walls and to your floor. This ensures there are not any gaps so your Tanners have maximum privacy.
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