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Modular Salon Wall Systems

About TanWall™

TanWall is a prefabricated modular wall company designed specifically to fit the distinctive needs of salon environments. Backed by Allied Modular Building Systems Inc, a multi million-dollar modular company, TanWall is excited to introduce their unique approach to creating your perfect salon design.

Allied Modular Building Systems has secured its reputation as the best in the modular industry and with the recent growth in the tanning industry, Allied Modular Building Systems saw a need for an easier approach to the unique situations presented by salon designs. After providing more than a million square feet of space, Allied Modular Building Systems has launched TanWall, creating a first in its industry with the innovation of SalonWall™.

Providing complete turnkey solutions worldwide, our design team assists you in evaluating and resolving your individual needs. Our staff of architects and engineers takes your plan from the design stage to it's completion including all local permitting requirements. Manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility with the utmost quality control we complete your project on time and with guaranteed satisfaction. Additionally, our full one-year warranty on parts and labor sets us apart from the competition in our trade.

TanWall and Allied Modular Building Systems, Inc. have the excellence and the reputation of setting the industry standard for modular construction and the distinction of confidently and securely "Building Our Way Into Your Future".

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An Allied Modular Company

Why Modular?

Modular walls offer the irrefutable benefits of affordability, efficiency, and versatility. TanWall's modular systems eliminate the high cost, mess, and lengthy downtime of hard construction while supplying the magic of modular in re-usability, re-configurability, and re-locatability.
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Easy Assembly

TanWall's Modular Systems are easy to assemble. You should see just how easy it is.
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Freq. Asked Questions

Q: Maximum privacy is a must! Is this provided?
A: TanWalls are secured to both your existing hard construction walls and to your floor. This ensures there are not any gaps so your Tanners have maximum privacy.
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